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Cat with big heart but no teeth is overlooked by potential owners

Shalu might have lost all his teeth, but has plenty of love to give.

Toothless cat Shalu might not have a golden smile anymore, but he is hoping that his big heart will win the affections of a new owner instead.

The seven-year-old moggy already had a few gaps in his teeth when he arrived at Blue Cross in Tiverton, Devon, after his previous owner developed an allergy and could sadly no longer care for him.

And his remaining gnashers were in such poor condition that vets had to remove them too.

But, despite his sweet and affectionate nature, the black and white cat seems to have been repeatedly overlooked for the past three months because of his dental challenges.

Lauren Chilton, Volunteer Coordinator at Tiverton Blue Cross, said: “Shalu may be missing all his teeth and he’s perhaps not quite as pretty as some of our other cats, but he more than makes up for it with his sweet, loving nature.

“He just loves to climb up on your lap for cuddles and will show his affection by rubbing up against you. His lack of teeth really doesn’t bother him - he happily tucks into his dinner with no problems at all!”

Shalu, who has been at Blue Cross three times longer than the average cat, is desperate to find a new home where he can snuggle up beside his new owners on the sofa. He would like to be the only cat in his new home, but could potentially live with a dog and children.

If you think you could find space in your heart for Shalu, click here.