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Talks to schools

Free talks to schools and youth groups

Blue Cross offers a national programme of free talks teaching the importance of responsible pet ownership to children aged 3-12. Our talks are not a fundraising initiative but are part of our programme of information, education and investment for the future of animal welfare.

Our speakers

Our speakers are DBS-checked Blue Cross volunteers who have undertaken a training programme and are practised in speaking to children of all ages. Speakers encourage interaction by using age-appropriate resources to help bring the message of Blue Cross to life. Some volunteers may be accompanied by their temperament-tested dog if required and available.


Assemblies and class talks are designed to engage the audience. Our volunteer speakers offer talks suitable for nurseries, primary and secondary schools and youth groups. We can tailor talks towards specific topics or group work such as activity badges for youth groups.


Most suitable for ages 3-12 as a class talk, assembly or for Guiding and Scouting groups. ‘What pets need’ teaches the 5 welfare needs of animals. Ideal for those studying animal topics and working towards animal badges. Also appropriate for PHSE topics such as empathy and respect.

The DBS-checked speaker may or may not have a temperament-assessed education dog with them (subject to availability), and will use various resources to encourage interaction and discussion. Leaflets will be left with the children.

Most suitable for ages three to 12 as an assembly or class talk, and also youth groups. Also for safety topics or for those with an issue within the community. Learn the right way to be around dogs, to be aware of their needs and learn the signals to look out for when a dog needs to be left alone. Be shown how to react with dogs in the home and in public in order to stay safe. Leaflets and posters help to emphasise what has been learnt. Please ask us about talks to parent groups too.

The DBS-checked speaker may or may not have a temperament-assessed education dog with them (subject to availability), and will use various resources to encourage interaction and discussion.

Suitable for Primary school assembly and youth groups, we talk about Blue Cross and our work with pets since 1897. Using our fascinating and unique picture archive to illustrate our talk, this presentation is also relevant to study on World War 1&2, showing examples of the way animals helped the cause. A special Remembrance day assembly is available for the Autumn term.

Particularly suitable for Pony clubs & camps, our speaker talks about responsible horse ownership and horse health & welfare. The talk helps Pony club members work towards their Blue Cross Badge. This talk is also relevant to schools where horse welfare is a particular issue in the community.

Suitable for age nine upwards (years five & six) supporting the Citizenship and British Values of the curriculum this class talk covers issues surrounding dog ownership, responsible care for our dogs and the law surrounding out of control pets. Using video clips, quizzes and exercises to bring the topic to life. Whilst direct and honest, the workshop highlights the tragic circumstances of irresponsible dog care and safety with careful sensitivity. At an age when many young people are starting to walk the family pet, it teaches the importance of being a responsible owner and all that entails. This talk is also suited to older youth groups such as guides and scouts.

Most suitable for secondary schools (age 11 upwards) and specialist talks to PRU and alternative provision establishments. This impactful presentation includes videos, case studies and exercises to promote discussion on responsible dog ownership. Suitable for schools and youth groups where there are community issues with dog control or for those who wish to encourage debate amongst students on empathy towards dogs, dog law and the meaning of responsible dog ownership.

Most suitable for PRU, alternative provision establishments or groups of young people in areas where there are issues with dog ownership and use of dogs, as well as college students on animal related courses. Focuses on the law around dogs and helping keep themselves and others safe. This talk is also available as an AQA qualification so young people can gain a recognised award on this important topic.

Most suitable for primary assemblies or youth groups, but can be tailored for an older group.

  • Pets at Christmas
  • Fireworks and Pets

Please contact us for more information on talks for Animal care, Equine Management and Public Uniformed Services courses.

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Suitable for ages 9 to 12 as an assembly or class talk, and also youth groups. With the Wellbeing of young people being such a high-priority, we teach about the links between pet wellbeing and our own . An interactive and mindful reminder of the things humans and animals all need to stay healthy and happy.

Download our children's risk assessment documentation to ensure safety around animals during our education talks.



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