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A gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will to Blue Cross is a touching way to make your love for pets live on. More than half our income comes from gifts in Wills, your support is absolutely invaluable.

A century of caring for pets

Blue Cross has been dedicated to helping poorly, injured and abandoned pets for over 100 years. We opened the world’s first animal hospital in 1906 and since then our doors have never closed to sick and homeless animals. With your help, they never will. Today we run four animal hospitals and 11 rehoming centres across the UK, which provide treatment and seek happy homes for thousands of cats, dogs, small pets and horses every year. Gifts in Wills are crucial to everything we do and every legacy is valuable to us. Whatever you are able to give will be gratefully received and put to the best possible use – caring for vulnerable animals. Remember Blue Cross in your Will and help us to be there for pets in years to come 

"It’s amazing to me that Blue Cross operates entirely on charitable donations, over 50% of which are from legacies. The most impressive thing of all is the dedication and commitment of all the staff, which is why my husband and I are proud to have left Blue Cross a gift in our Will." Blue Cross Ambassador and actress Pam Ferris

More information and Codicil form

You can make a simple change to your Will without paying for it to be rewritten, by adding a Codicil. A Codicil is a written amendment to a Will. It must be dated, signed and witnessed and make reference to the Will it amends. A Codicil can add to, subtract from or modify the terms of the original Will. For example, you may want to include a gift to Blue Cross in a Codicil to your Will.

What will happen to your digital assets?

Many people nowadays own smartphones, tablets and laptops, and keeping in touch with friends and family using social media is simply part of everyday life. Have you considered what might happen to your Facebook or Twitter account, passwords, data or photos posted online after you’re gone? We recommend taking the time to find out more about how to manage your digital assets and who you would like to benefit from these after you are gone. These could be of either sentimental, including social media, or monetary value, for example eBay credit or bitcoin. Dead Social has a range of free resources on its website.