Dog eating from a metal bowl

Pet food banks

We know that some pet owners struggle to afford pet food from time to time. Our research shows that many food banks do not currently offer pet food. We want to change that. 

Blue Cross are looking to build a network of pet food banks across the UK to support pet owners. We’ll do this by supporting volunteers to source pet food and sharing it with organisations who already support vulnerable people and their pets.

A Blue Cross member of staff standing next to shelves of pet food
Our pet food bank in Sheffield

And we can’t wait. Covid-19 has already started to have an impact on the economy, with many pet owners finding themselves on a reduced income, furloughed or losing their jobs completely. 

How can I donate pet food?

To help us provide pet food to pet owners who need it, we will accept and store donations at our Sheffield rehoming and advice unit in South Yorkshire. The pet food donation point is located outside the entrance.

If you are a business looking to help us, you can contact one of our team using the contact details above.

How will pet food get to those that need it?

We are working with partner organisations in Sheffield who have existing links in the community and are best placed to identify those people who need our help.

  1. You donate your pet food
  2. We store it at our centre
  3. Local charities and people in need contact us
  4. We pack up a food parcel
  5. A food parcel can be collected from our Sheffield rehoming and advice unit, delivered to a relevant charity or delivered to the individual where possible
— Page last updated 16/09/2021