Meet our Trustees: Henrietta Roper-Curzon

Why did you choose to volunteer for Blue Cross? 

My mother and my mother’s godmother were on the Board, so helping Blue Cross is a bit of a family tradition. My daughter has already started to help by running a charity day at school for Blue Cross.

For how long have you been a Trustee?

I've been a member of the Board of Trustees since 1989, making me the longest serving board member, if not the oldest. 

What are your duties in your role as a Blue Cross Trustee? 

I am currently Vice Chairman and sit on the Commercial, Finance & Support and Remuneration committees of Blue Cross, where I can make the greatest contribution.

What is your professional background? 

After graduating from Warwick University, I spent my career in advertising and am currently working as a consultant, having run my own production company, and worked in advertising agencies on multimillion pound campaigns for companies such as Unilever and Shell. I also run an events company. When I joined, the word ‘advertising’ was a dirty word and every pound spent on it was viewed as one less to be spent on the animals. It took a while for the understanding that unless money was spent on promoting the charity then there was going to be less and less to spend on the animals.

Tell us about your pets!

My two rehomed tabby cats are very loved members of the family.

— Page last updated 13/12/2016