Kitten with broken jaw abandoned outside restaurant

A tiny kitten believed to have been kicked in the face is recovering after being found dumped in the doorway of a restaurant with a broken jaw.

Restaurant staff took Rupert, who was skinny and generally in bad condition, to Fields Veterinary Group in Newport, South Wales, where he was found to have blood clots in his mouth and a broken jaw, leaving him unable to eat properly.

Vets believe his injuries were likely caused by the tiny kitten being kicked in the face.

The Blue Cross is now working with the vets' practice to find Rupert a new home.

The three-month-old had to be fed through a tube before vets performed surgery on him to wire his jaw in place.

But now he’s found his meow and is on his way to a full recovery – already doubling in size since he was brought in.

Hannah Wiltshire, Blue Cross Rehoming Manager, said: “The first 24 hours it was touch and go for Rupert but since his operation he has now doubled in size and has been a lot more alert and inquisitive.”

His foster carer Kirsty Buckland, from Fields Veterinary Group, said: “He's been through so much and has such a strong soul.

“He loves to watch TV and touch the screen and also likes to look at your phone and tries to take it off you - he's played on cat games on there. He's definitely more independent now and wants to explore everything and has only recently found his meow."

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— Page last updated 16/12/2016