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Pet Bereavement Support

If you have lost a pet and need somebody to talk to please call our Pet Bereavement Support Service.

Tel: 0800 096 6606

Sharing your loss with people who understand

The loss of a pet impacts everyone differently. Call the support line on 0800 096 6606 (UK only including northern Ireland). The support line is open from 8.30am - 8.30pm everyday. All calls are free and confidential from a landline. If calling from a mobile phone, some phone networks may charge. Support is provided by trained volunteers. The service does not offer a counselling service but is able to offer emotional support and information for pet owners who may be experiencing the loss of a pet.

Help and support by email

Sometimes, it's easier to write about how you are feeling rather than talking to someone. We can offer you support through our email support line at [email protected]. We will answer your email as soon as possible and within a maximum of 48 hours. If however, you want to contact someone immediately, please use the telephone support line.

Create a pet memorial

Pet memorials can be a helpful and comforting way of remembering and commemorating the life of a pet that is no longer with you. 

Create an online memorial