Water bottle in sock

How to make a bottle toy for your dog

If you’re trying to be more environmentally friendly, while also looking for thrifty ways to keep your dog entertained, the plastic bottle offers some great uses! 

Crunch toy

Most dogs like toys that make a noise as they play with them. Bottles make a satisfying crunching sound, keeping your dog entertained and engaged. Here’s how to quickly make a bottle toy for your dog.

Tip: To mix it up, try attaching your crunch toy to a pole to make a flirt pole which will get your dog moving.

You will need

  • An old, clean, sock
  • A regular sized, empty plastic bottle

How to make a crunch toy for your dog

Step one: Get a used plastic bottle and throw the lid away. Be sure to wash the bottle out thoroughly before using it.
Step two: Remove the water bottle label
Step three: Pull the sock over the plastic bottle and tie a knot at the bottle neck side so that none of the bottle is on display

That’s it! A simple three step toy that’ll give your dog hours of entertainment. 

— Page last updated 02/11/2021