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Can ‘Harry Potter’ cat cast a spell to find a new owner?

Black and white cat Stella has a Harry Potter scar shaped flash on her face

An abandoned cat is hoping her resemblance to Harry Potter might help her find a loving new home, after she found herself alone in heartbreaking circumstances strangely similar to the nation’s favourite boy wizard.

Black cat Stella has a white diagonal stripe across her face, similar to Harry Potter’s famous lightning scar. 

And just as Harry ended up in need of a new home after his parents were killed by evil wizard Voldemort, Stella also became an orphan of sorts arriving at Blue Cross rehoming centre in Southampton after being found in a cardboard box, with a note saying her owner had sadly died. 

Danielle Mason, Rehoming Centre Manager at Southampton Blue Cross, said: “It is quite spooky that she has matching ‘scar’ to Harry Potter and became homeless in such a similar way – perhaps we should have called her Harriet! 

“I’m not sure she has any magical powers, but she’s such a sweet girl that she won’t need any to cast a spell over her new owners.”

With Harry fever at a high again as the play Harry Potter and Cursed Child is set to open in the West End soon, the team at Blue Cross Southampton are hoping the connection might help Stella find a happy new home more quickly, perhaps with some fans on the lookout for a new pet.

Quite shy and reserved when she first arrived in our care, Stella has slowly come out of her shell and is very sweet and affectionate when she gets to know people at bit better. 

She enjoys being stroked and will rub around your legs when she wants a fuss. She would love to find a happy new home, even with muggles.

Find out more about Stella and apply to give her a happy home today.

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