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Dog dumped on Christmas Day finds a happy home

A dog who was dumped on Christmas Day outside a police station is now in a loving home where her devastating ordeal is now a distant memory.

One-year-old Candi was found tied up outside a Hertfordshire police station on 25 December last year and spent her first ever festive season in the council pound.

But as soon as the New Year was rung in, the rottweiler was transferred to the care of the Blue Cross rehoming centre in nearby Kimpton where she got some much needed TLC.

Candi was dumped at a police station on Christmas Day.

The team set about finding the lovable pooch a happy home but she had arrived in our care unneutered and came into season during her stay, which delayed the process.

Thankfully, though, her luck soon changed and she found her new owner John, who visited Candi with his family nearly every day until she was ready to go home with them.

Kellie Brookes, Centre Manager at Blue Cross Hertfordshire rehoming centre, said: “Candi is a beautiful, affectionate girl and we all fell in love with her.

“She would get so excited to see her new owner John, it was the joy of her day!

Candi with loving new owner, John.

“It’s amazing to be able to see a dog go from being homeless to being so very happy and loved, it’s an incredible thing and why we do what we do.”

Despite having little reason to trust humans in her past, Candi loves anyone she meets and would happily play fetch all day if she could.

New owner John said: “I lost a Labrador after almost 14 years and was devastated, it left a hole in my life and knew I just had to fill it.

“We were a bit undecided about the type of dog we wanted and contemplated a smaller one, but then I saw Candi and thought she was lovely.

“When we were told her history it really reinforced our desire to give her a stable home where she could thrive.

“When I met her things only improved; she just wanted to play but was also gentle loved being petted. I find it so hard to believe that someone could have abandoned this beautiful animal but, in a way, I am glad as it brought her into our lives.”

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