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Elderly cat abandoned on the streets rescued by Blue Cross

An abandoned cat rescued from a life on the streets is hoping a loving owner will see past her health problems and give her the home she is dreaming of.

Tilly was found sitting on the road in the pouring rain

Poor Tilly, aged 12, was left to fend for herself when her family moved away and was in a terrible state when found by two of the Blue Cross team in May as she sat forlorn beside the road in the pouring rain.

With her long coat matted and her eyes clouded with mucus, she was taken straight to the vets to be checked over. It’s thought she had been a stray for two years.

Tilly came into Blue Cross care so that we could find her the loving home she deserved, but she suffered another setback when she was diagnosed with a long term condition affecting her tear ducts which would require daily treatment for the rest of her life.

She is now the longest term feline resident at our Tiverton rehoming centre in Devon, as she struggles to find an owner to give her the extra bit of TLC she needs.

Kerry Hall, Animal Welfare Assistant, said: “Tilly’s first two months in the care of Blue Cross showed us that she very much enjoyed her sleep in the sun, she loved being around her handlers and being stroked.

“Tilly was then diagnosed with a condition affecting her tear ducts which meant that her eyes would not run clearly and therefore, she would have to be on eye drops and have her eyes cleaned every day for life.”

Despite being happy for a couple of months, cattery life began to take its toll on the elderly girl and she became withdrawn and miserable.

“Tilly quickly became down in the dumps after spending such a long time in the cattery, she did not want to play with any toys and particularly disliked having her eye drops,” said Kerry.

Struggling to see such a lovely cat deteriorate so quickly, one of our volunteers offered to foster Tilly in the hope a home environment would make her happy again.

Tilly initially did well at our Tiverton rehoming centre but became withdrawn after two months in the cattery and is now in a temporary foster home

Kerry said: “After a short period of time, Tilly began to show improvement with her handling, started to play with toys again and is now very relaxed in her foster home.

“She sleeps at the end of the bed on her special blanket and follows her foster carers around the home.”

But sadly, this is not a forever home for Tilly and she is desperate to find someone to love her despite her health condition.

Kerry added: “Tilly does not look or act like a 12-year-old cat, but she certainly does love her home comforts. Due to her veterinary issue, she would be best suited to a home with older children and needs to be the only pet as she loves all of the attention to herself.

“Tilly will need eye drops three times daily and regular eye cleaning, so a new home with someone who is around for most of the day and who either has had experience with or feels confident enough to do her eye drops would be a great match.”

Can you give Tilly the fresh start in life she deserves? Find out more about rehoming her here.