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‘Game of Many Homes’ – husky in search of new home after being given up six times

Beautiful Siberian husky Alaska smiles at the camera

Blue Cross is appealing to Game of Thrones fans to think twice before taking on a ‘wolf-like’ dog as a husky called on us to help find her a seventh home.

Striking Siberian husky Alaska found herself in need of our help when her owners were served with a council notice to remove her after receiving noise complaints from neighbours. This was the sixth time the husky – who isn’t yet four years old - had needed to find a new home.

Danielle Mason, Rehoming Centre Manager at Southampton Blue Cross, said: “Poor Alaska has been so unlucky. 

“She was quite noisy in her previous homes, but we are confident that the right owners who understand her breed and are around for a lot of the day will be able to help her cope with her worry about being left alone. We really hope to be able to find this gorgeous girl a home for life this time – she just loves people and in the right home will make a wonderful pet.”

Typical of her breed, Alaska is quite a vocal girl. She also suffers from separation anxiety - possibly due to having had so much upheaval in her short life.

Blue Cross is urging all potential pet owners to make sure they do thorough research before taking on a pet, to make sure they are able to meet its needs and get a breed that fits in well with their family and lifestyle. 

The rise in popularity of Siberian huskies and other ‘wolf-like’ breeds has been linked to the ‘direwolves’ in Game of Thrones. Blue Cross has seen a sharp rise in unwanted huskies given up at our rehoming centres since the first series of the show in 2011.

Danielle added: “Huskies are very beautiful dogs, but they do need experienced owners with lots of time to devote to them - they are a working breed and need at least a couple of hours exercise each day to keep them happy. 

“Sadly, we are seeing more and more people having to take the heartbreaking decision to give up their pet, when they realise that they need more care and attention than they can give them.”

Alaska will soon be going to her new home, with active owners who are around for a large part of the day.

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