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Horses saved from cruelty wish for owners of their dreams

Puffin and Sultana have overcome a nightmare past and now wish for a loving home

Three ponies who have overcome the ghosts of their nightmare pasts are seeking loving homes where they will never be treated cruelly again.

Kestrel, along with Puffin and Sultana (pictured above), has come a long way since she first arrived in our care

Seven-year-old Puffin, 10-year-old Sultana and 11-year-old Kestrel have come a long way since they first arrived in our care.

The ponies, all natives, were part of a large group of horses who were traumatised when we first met them. In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever known a group of ponies to have been so clearly affected by their experiences as Puffin, Kestrel, Sultana and their companions. It has taken a long time for them to gain the trust of our team and we’re thrilled that they have reached a level of confidence that means they can be rehomed, but sadly, neither pony has had any interest.

Vicki Alford, Horse Unit Manager at our Burford rehoming centre, said: “Sadly Puffin, Kestrel and Sultana had experienced a lot of negative contact with people in the past, which made them extremely wary of us; even more so than horses who had never been handled at all.”

Our team interacted with the group from a distance at first and slowly spent more time with them, gradually gaining the ponies’ confidence in humans again.

Vicki added: “Each pony now comes to call in their pen and is happy to undertake basic handling such as having a head collar put on, being led, and having their feet picked out. They have also reached a level of training in that they now gladly approach their handlers in their pens!”

Kestrel, Puffin and Sultana are looking for kind owners who understand that further training will take time and patience due to their sad histories, but will be extremely rewarding. They have so much potential and we’d love to see them in happy homes.

Visit our website to find out more about them and apply to give Kestrel, Puffin or Sultana a home today.