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World’s first canine fundraisers collect for Blue Cross

Yellow Labrador Smudge proudly wears a Blue Cross dog jacket, which contains a contactless card machine inside a special pocket

A team of dogs is set to become the world’s first canine fundraisers as they lend a paw to raise money for sick and homeless Blue Cross pets.

Old English sheepdog cross Ralph stands with his owner Jean. Together they meet a Blue Cross supporter who is pictured giving Ralph a pat. Ralph is wearing his Tap Dogs jacket with a contactless payment device in the pocket
Tap Dog Ralph and his owner Jean meet a kind supporter who 'pats and taps' to give a donation to help pets in need

‘Tap dogs’ Maverick the border collie, Cherry the lurcher, Ralph the old English sheepdog cross and Labradors Rosie and Smudge have shunned the traditional collection tin in favour of a truly 21st century method, and now sport contactless card technology in their specially-designed jackets.

Anyone wishing to donate can simply ‘pat and tap’ the dog to make a donation using their contactless payment card. The simple, lightweight kit means that, for the first time ever, dogs can do their bit.

Tracy Genever, Blue Cross Head of Education Services said: “With today’s increasingly ‘cashless’ society, it made sense to introduce a contactless option to those wishing to give to Blue Cross. 

A close up of the contactless payment machine inside the specially-designed Blue Cross Tap Dogs dog coat. A card is tapped on the machine to show a donation of £2 has been made, and a thank you message has appeared on the screen.
Just 'pat and tap' to give a donation

“And who better to help us than some of the amazing events dogs that help to raise awareness and inform Britons about the work we do. These wonderful dogs really are the best ambassadors we could possibly ever hope for.

“Our fundraising and events activities are so crucial to helping make sure the pets in our care can be healthy and happy, and we are incredibly grateful for every penny the public gives.

Anyone wishing to meet one of the Tap Dogs and donate will be able to find them at events during May.

All of our Tap Dogs are behaviour assessed Blue Cross event dogs, owned by dedicated volunteers.

They regularly visit events and schools to raise awareness of pet welfare but they have never before had the chance to play such a direct role in helping the injured or unwanted cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, guinea pigs (and many more) that we care for every day.


Meet the Tap Dogs

Saturday 21 May
Merton Dog Watch, King George’s Playing Fields, Morden

Meet Smudge the Labrador

Saturday 28 May
Pets at Home, Swindon

Meet Rosie the Labrador

More dates to be announced.

Can't attend an event to 'pat and tap' our Tap Dogs? Sponsor a pet from as little as £3 a month, and you’ll help keep pets safe and warm in our rehoming centres until we find them happy new homes